Pros and Cons of Gaming Systems

- Low price range ($200-$500, compared to $1000 - $2000 for a high-end PC)
- Without the variation in hardware, you get increased stability and reliability, along with ease of development (for example any given 360 game will run at the same quality on any 360 console, whereas PC games are often hit or miss depending on the video card etc)
- Many more high budget games come out for consoles each year compared to PCs
- Ease of use, lack of installation, just put in the disc and go
- Larger user base, it is generally more profitable for game developers to invest in a console game because there are more buyers for a given console than users who already have high-end PCs.
- Simpler control and usability
- Home theater compatability (couch + HDTV + big speakers > desk and monitor)
- Longer lifespan, you're xbox will probably be useful for quite a few years before you need an upgrade, whereas PCs usually start to show their age in just a couple of years when more demanding games start to come out)
- Not as cutting-edge, graphically behind the PC
- Games with free online play are few and far between
- User generated content (user created maps, weapons, mods etc.) are harder to distribute compared to a PC with internet access where such content is just a download away
- Less accurate control than keyboard and mouse
- A PC is useful for a lot more than just games, a console is pretty much a 1 trick pony

More Pros and Cons of Console Gaming

Gaming systems have a series of pros and cons. They are beneficial in the fact that they have incredible graphics. Some graphics for these games can even be in 3D. The games seem to come alive before your eyes. Gaming Systems also have great exclusives and motion sensors. Another benefit is the fact that controllers for the gaming systems can be wireless, thus allowing the person to sit comfortably, wherever they so choose, to play the game. Some basic pros of gaming systems are the graphics, exclusives, and controller movement.

One con would be the expense. Many games, and the system itself, can be very incredibly costly. Some gaming systems cost between $500 and $600. The games can then cost up to $100. Another problem with gaming systems, with the Wii as an exception, most of the gaming systems have you sitting on you butt for hours on end. Though gaming systems provide us with entertainment, many people can become overweight if they become too attached to these video games. Lastly, another con would be the heavy equipment. If one just wanted the gaming system for home, they it would be fine, but if they wanted the gaming system to take to a friend’s or some other event, it would be inconvenient. This is because of the amount of hardware needed to get the games to work and function properly, and the weight of the equipment. To sum up the cons, there is fitness, or the lack of it, price, and the weight of the equipment for the game.